From Australia With Love, Via Lori

Just over a year ago, I came back from the trip of a lifetime! 16 months of traveling & backpacking and 12 of those were spent in Australia. Here I met many expats who had emigrated to Australia from the UK leaving many loved ones at home. Since the pandemic, borders have been closed, normally fairly quick mail is now more snail mail and sending gifts from Australia just isn’t as easy as it may have been. Not to mention the price of delivery. Why pay delivery fees when I am able to send gifts directly from the UK?

I have never promoted my gifting services as BodyShop only products and I don’t just do body care gifting. It’s hard to promote what I do without sharing a scenario.

My latest customer wanted assistance with buying her nephew and 2 nieces Christmas gifts this year. She is in Australia and her family are currently in the UK where they live. She is unable to see them this year to bring them gifts from Australia and did not want to post them a few Australian dollars in a card. She asked me what my thoughts and ideas were. I started by asking her their ages and likes/dislikes. 

My final brief after a quick conversation was:

  • A 9 year old boy who’s into facts and sciency stuff and also likes to get creative with grandma.
  • The 2 girls are 6 and 4
  • A maximum budget of £20 per child

First of all, no Bodyshop is going to be helpful here. 

I focused on the boy first as I thought this was going to be hard. Turns out it wasn’t. I wanted to get him something from the National Science Museum, or the Horrible Histories kind of range. As the customer had come to me weeks before the gift was due I had plenty of time to search around. It didn’t take that long as I love shopping and spotting a bargain. 

I eventually found 3 different creative science kits all within budget. The customer is very happy and I am sure the little boy will be at Christmas. My idea for the two little girls was also arty inspired but this time I wanted to create a bespoke hamper for each of them. I had my budget and my idea, now I just needed to make it a reality. I trailed around the shops like Hobbycraft, The Works, WHSmith & I got an understanding of what prices were and what would make the best arts and crafts activity hamper. Thus my creation was born. The customer is very happy with the final idea, and most of all, I am very excited for the children to receive their presents!

Another customer I have had since from Australia has used my services to buy her parents Christmas presents who are currently living in the UK while she is in Australia. This was a slightly different request as she knew exactly what she wanted to buy them but didn’t have the means to give it to them. She asked for a body care hamper for her mother with a potted orchid. Normally she would have to use 2 different companies to carry out this request but I am able to create the gift as a whole and manage delivery at the same time. Her fathers gift will be a food and drink hamper with a festive theme. Again this is very doable and allows them not having to deal with customs by having someone based in the UK sending it directly.

The easiest part of this process is payment. Customers are able to pay via PayPal. There is also the option of TransferWise. Absolutely no hassle at all.

The best thing that I have found for my customers is them being able to get more for their budget. Just by cutting the cost of international shipping fees means more spent on the individuals leaving them happier & with a much better gift.

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