About Love From Lori

Hi, I’m Lori-Ann! I'm a Cancer Care nurse based in Oxford, who loves to just shop for other people and send out special gifts and post for any occasion or reason. Over the years I have created really personal and special gifts for all my friends and family, adding a more personal touch to the generic gifts.

I love thinking about what unique things I can give people for their special occasions (or just because) to give them that special feeling. I love helping people, especially with their own gift requests & niche personalisations! My 6 year background in Cancer Care has also given me the tools to understand peoples individual requirements during the tough times to hopefully make them a little easier.

I started as a BodyShop @ Home Consultant mid-2020, and found that with their products I was able to create some amazing personalised gifts for my customers. This is where my original products developed and came to life.

I am able to make a number of bespoke gifts to show a special someone you are thinking of them, including a Hug in a Mug, Patient Gifts, Christmas & Celebratory Hampers, Birthday presents, Wedding Gifts & favours and other bespoke gifts at request.