Bespoke Gift Creations

I have created a number of bespoke gifts for many different friends, family members and people I've met through this website and social channels! Here's a few of the bespoke and unique gifts that I've created:

bespoke care gift image, showing body care products and sweetsThis was a present from a boyfriend, for a young lady in her mid-twenties. She likes lipsticks & enjoys a home face mask. £40 budget.
This lovely gift was for a friend who is going into hospital next week for final treatment of Chemotherapy £30 Budget. Due to the chemo, we could only go for smells that do not trigger nausea, or were not too strong.
Product image of new mum gift, showing baby clothes and pamper items
A friend is having a baby and I want to give her something for herself as well as the baby. £40 Budget. Kukui cream & a body brush to assist with the stretch marks, French Lavender pillow mist to help with sleep, and a brand new hand-knitted cardigan for the baby, supporting a local hospital.
Festive hamper product image, showing a range of pampering products (hand cream, shower gel etc)
A boyfriend wanted to buy a Christmas hamper for his girlfriend with a variety of her favourite ranges’ products. Budget of £75.